• Rebecca - Australia

    The biggest smile for my 9 year old!!! #savedourholiday #bloccs
  • Ania - Australia

    Thankyou to #bloccs for the waterproof cast cover #savedourholiday this was our first time back at the beach
  • Ellie - Australia

    Thanks Bloccs! Your arm sleeve made an upset boy with broken much happier and excited for our holiday.
  • Jocelyn - Australia

    Thankyou for saving our cheeky monkeys 🐒 holiday
  • Alison - Australia

    Shark in the water! Cooling off in Brisbane, Australia. #savedourholiday #bloccs
  • Tyrell - Australia

    Who said I couldn’t swim this summer?
  • Candece - Australia

    Shilah gives the Bloccs waterproof cast cover a thumbs up.
  • Deanna - Australia

    Bloccs certainly #savedourholiday it worked perfectly during hours of wakesurfing!
  • Brooke - US

    This two year old would be a very stinky toddler without our Bloccs! I was worried bath time would be extra stressful with his broken leg but Blocc...
  • Nick - US

    Broken Hand Beach Vacation Saved
  • Mel - Australia

    Thanks to Bloccs our son was able to join the fun and still have a great holiday #bloccs #savedourholiday
  • Clare - UK

    My 3 year old broke his arm during a heatwave. The Bloccs waterproof protector not only gave us the opportunity to bath him, but for him to play in...