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Bloccs® Waterproof PICC Line & Elbow Cover, Swim, Shower & Bathe

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Product Code (SKU): AEP86-L
EAN (Barcode): 5060295740406

Bloccs® have been designed to easily stretch over an elbow dressing. To be watertight the protector needs to completely cover the dressing, two comfortable skin-tight seals should form around the arm.

Bloccs® elbow have been designed to seal around both the upper arm and wrist. Choosing the size with the correct circumference is vital to ensure a watertight seal, the length will be longer than the cast or dressing.

To help with achieving the best fit, please look at the sizing chart and consider both adult and child sizes. Age ranges have been included for guidance.

By ordering TWO Bloccs® covers, then you will have a cover for showering and another for the pool!

Bloccs® make a great gift! Why not send a cover to a loved one you are wanting to help with their convalescence?

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