Do your patients ask about the best way to keep their casts or dressings dry?

All patients would like their lives to be as normal as possible but anyone who has tried to bathe or shower wearing a cast will know how awkward and inconvenient it is.

Many patients have attempted to cover their casts with a carrier bag with disastrous results.

For families with young children the problem is even greater. Children still want to have fun at bath time and splashing is usually essential!

Bloccs® Cast and Dressing Covers have been designed to protect casts for broken limbs. They can also protect wounds including ongoing use for ulcerated wounds, burns, podiatry, and PICC lines.


Where can patients access Bloccs®?

Orders can be placed via BLOCCS.COM and AMAZON.

Where can orders be delivered?
Orders can be delivered to patients homes or even holiday resorts in a variety of locations.

Bloccs® Information Pack


Order your 'Bloccs® Information Pack' and have it delivered straight to your department - all free of charge.

The pack provide all the information needed about how you and your patients can access Bloccs® and also includes Leaflets, Posters & Stickers.



We exhibit at many medical conferences all over the world, these events are a great opportunity to meet with delegates and provides our team the opportunity to show the benefits of Bloccs®. 

  • The Pharmacy Show

    The Pharmacy Show

    Birmingham 2019

  • UK Aquatic Therapy Conference

    London 2019

  • The American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) Annual leadership

    San Diego 2019

  • Royal College of Nursing

    Liverpool 2019

  • Australian Institute of Orthopaedic Technologists

    Melbourne 2019

  • Orthopeadic Trauma Association

    Orlando 2018


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